free-estimateIf you have a remote home, cottage, cabin, trailer, or boat that requires everyday, decorative, or emergency lighting, you should consider indoor gas lights.

Falks® Indoor Gas Lights, 70-watt Single/140-watt Double

falks indoor gas lights nyPrimarily, Falks lights are used in remote areas, locations not serviced with electricity or where electricity is in short supply. Cottages, fishing and hunting camps, lodges, recreational vehicles, trailers and boats have been successfully served worldwide by Falks Indoor Gas Burning Lights. Many homeowners living in areas frequented by severe weather conditions (e.g., hurricanes) rely on Falks lights for their lighting needs. By installing an attractive permanent Falks light yo do away with the hassles that go along with electrical power failure.

The graceful curve design of solid polished brass highlights the quiet elegance of old-world styling, as well as proving an attractive lifelong finish.

Regardless of the altitude, you can depend on Falks gas  lights to produce the brightest indoor lighting to meet your needs. Available in propane and natural gas models.

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